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EZ Glide DT-7H Enhancer

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DT-7H EZ Glide Enhancer with Sprayer Testing has proven that use of the new DT-7H Enhancer produces far better results under a much wider range of conditions than other products. Not only has DT-7H been developed with specific challenges in mind, but the entire application and maintenance process has been improved.

This is a breakthrough for all synthetic ice rink owners.

The use of DT-7H Glide Enhancer reduces the amount of effort it takes to skate on your synthetic ice skating surface. Testing has shown that far less DT-7H Glide Enhancer is required in comparison with other glide enhancers. Due to superior adhesion qualities, DT-7H will remain on the surface through multiple cleaning cycles and inclement weather without the need for reapplication.

DT-7H Glide Enhancer adheres to the skating surface within minutes, leaving a dry non-greasy skating surface. Skating can begin immediately with no need to wait for the surface to dry.

DT-7H Glide Enhancer Features:
  • Faster skating speeds on your synthetic ice surface
  • Greatly extended enhancer life
  • More skating time with fewer re-applications needed
  • Better coverage
  • Strong resistance to rain fall and cleaning cycles

DT-7H requires no mixing and can be used on any synthetic ice surface with great results. DT-7H can also be used in conjunction with a top coat of either the Original EZ Glide Enhancer or the popular X-3 for even faster skating speeds.

Synthetic ice enhancer comparison chart