Panel Styles

EZ Glide panels are available in three connection styles

DL Dovetail

The EZ Glide Double-Locking (DL) DoveTail™ style panel is the most popular of the connection styles because of its user-friendliness, versatility and safety. The EZ Glide DL DoveTail offers the safest and most secure panel-to-panel connection available in the industry, locking the panels both vertically and horizontally. Our unique DL DoveTail design allows for numerous installation possibilities, requires minimal maintenance and provides a confidence to the skater not experienced with other connection styles. These panels install in minutes, a fraction of the time needed to install Spline and Square Edge panels. Designed to withstand numerous installations and removals without fail, the DL DoveTail also eliminates any issues with expansion and contraction due to temperature variances, a serious problem inherent with other dovetail designs. 


Spline synthetic ice panels have been in circulation for many years. They are very good at preventing vertical separation at panel joints; however, there is little to no protection against horizontal separation. Though applicable for some projects, they can prove to be challenging with regards to installation and on-going use. Spline panels are only recommended for use in temperature controlled environments. As with Square Edge panels, the Spline panels are less expensive than the DL DoveTail style panels, but are only recommended for special situations. 

Square Edge

Square Edge synthetic ice panels are the least expensive of all the panel connection styles and are connected to each other by means of a bracket system. Square Edge panels must be used indoors where temperatures do not vary, and the subfloor must be perfectly flat and level. They are only recommended in small quantities for special circumstances, as they have limitations to their use. Square Edge panels are often used to build ramps for training and theatrical purposes.

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