Double-Locking DoveTail™ Technology

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC introduced the first dovetail joint system for synthetic ice and has since made essential improvements to the dovetail design adding a Double-Locking feature. The newest advancement in synthetic ice technology, this unique EZ Glide Double-Locking (DL) DoveTail offers the safest and most secure synthetic ice panel-to-panel connection available in the industry today. The DL DoveTail panel is the only synthetic ice panel connection system on the market which totally eliminates problems with expansion and contraction due to temperature variances, and when installed correctly will not separate vertically or horizontally. These panels have a contact tolerance of 1/1000th of one inch, creating the best possible joint between panels which results in the smoothest and most dependable synthetic ice skating surface. 

The EZ Glide DL DoveTail panel has made permanent outdoor installations trouble and worry-free, be it desert conditions or sub-zero temperatures. These unique synthetic ice panels are also extremely durable and will withstand limitless installations and removals without fail. A variety of installation options and floor shapes provide endless placement opportunities. Installation is quickly accomplished by simply hammering the panels together with the installation mallet that is furnished with every floor purchase and rental. 

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing is the originator and the only company in the industry today offering this exclusive Double-Locking design feature. A permanent component of all our DoveTail panels, this special design ensures a safe and reliable surface in any weather or climate. 

Due to user-friendliness, convenience, versatility and safety, the DL DoveTail style panel is the connection style that training centers and production companies insist on for their projects when refrigerated ice is simply not an option. It is also, by far, the preferred product for the general public and commercial skating facilities. The DL DoveTail panel amplifies surface strength and integrity, providing a confidence to the skater not associated with other dovetail style panels. 

EZ Glide Double-Locking DoveTail panels are available in a variety of thicknesses and a choice of two sizes, standard size panels measuring 46 inches x 91 inches (1.168 meters x 2.311 meters), and half size panels measuring 46 inches x 46 inches (1.168 meters x 1.168 meters). 

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