EZ Glide Thickness Options

EZ Glide Synthetic Ice Panels are reversible and available in a variety of thicknesses, connection styles and sizes that will suit your purpose and your budget. The majority of installations require 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch thick panels. Below is a brief description of each panel thickness, installation requirements and recommendations. If your project requires a special panel thickness or size, our Customer Service Department is happy to accommodate your needs. If you need assistance in determining which panel thickness and connection style is right for your project, please let us help you. 

The 1/4 inch thick panels are only recommended for very small installation projects where conditions are ideal. These panels should be utilized in temperature-controlled environments and on perfectly flat and firm subfloors such as concrete. The EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice 1/4 inch thick panel is available with a choice of the Double-Locking DoveTail™ or Square Edge connection style. 

An excellent choice for residential use, when combined with our Double-Locking DoveTail technology,  the EZ Glide Products provide a secure skating surface for many subfloor situations. These panels are often installed in basements and garages on concrete subfloors. Originally designed for indoor use, these panels may be installed in small numbers outdoors where subfloor conditions are perfect (flat, level and firm). The 3/8 inch thick EZ Glide panels are also available in the Square Edge connection style, however the Square Edge is only recommended for indoor use. 

The vast majority of residential and commercial projects are utilizing the 1/2 inch thick EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice panel in the Double-Locking DoveTail connection style. EZ Glide 350 DL DoveTail panels in the 1/2 inch thickness can be used indoors or out year-round. Although it is always recommended that the installation subfloor conditions be perfect (flat, level and firm) the 1/2 inch thick panel will often bridge inconsistencies in subfloors that may have slight deviations. It is an excellent thickness for medium to large-scale projects and/or installations that may incur temperature fluctuations. The 1/2 inch thick panel is also available in the Spline and Square Edge connection style; however, Spline and Square Edge panels are only recommended for indoor use in temperature-controlled environments, regardless of thickness and subfloor condition. 

Recommended for large-scale installations and/or situations in which the subfloor is somewhat uneven and questionable, our 3/4 inch thick EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice Double-Locking DoveTail panels are an ideal choice for extremely large skating rinks that operate outdoors year-round and are exposed to wide temperature variations. The 3/4 inch thick panel is very sturdy and capable of bridging many inconsistencies in subfloors occasionally found at installation locations. The 3/4 inch thick EZ Glide 350 panels are available in the DL DoveTail connection style for indoor and outdoor use. The 3/4 inch Spline and Square Edgeconnection styles are available and recommended for indoor use in temperature-controlled environments only. 

The 1 inch thick EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice panel is designed for the most extreme of conditions which is rarely, but occasionally seen at installation sites. Manufactured for exceptionally large installations and to withstand harsh environments and problematic subfloors, the 1 inch thick EZ Glide 350 Double-Locking DoveTail panels can be installed indoors or out in extraordinary environments and circumstances. The 1 inch thick Spline and Square Edge panels are only recommended for indoor use in temperature-controlled environments. 

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