Spline Panel Technology

Spline panels have been in circulation for many years, and although the spline connection is successful at preventing vertical separation of panels, there is little to no protection against horizontal separation. Hockey and figure skating maneuvers, as well as temperature variations will separate these panels. As little as a 10 degree swing in temperature will cause the floor to expand or contract, leaving gaps between the panels. Perimeter locking devices are not successful in eliminating these problems. Spline panels should only be used in special circumstances and in situations where the temperature can be kept constant. This will prevent the need for reassembling the panels as temperatures change. 

Spline panels are less expensive than the Double-Locking DoveTail™ style panels, but offer challenges with regards to installation and on-going use. Installation of Spline panels is accomplished by hammering the spline into the groove which is cut into the center of the Spline panels’ edges. 

EZ Glide 350® Spline panels measure 53.5 inches x 95.5 inches ( 1.358 meters x 2.425 meters).

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