Square Edge Panels

Square Edge panels are the least expensive of all the synthetic ice panel connection styles. Connected to each other by means of a bracket system, Square Edge panels offer minimal prevention against vertical and horizontal separation. These panels are only recommended in small quantities for special circumstances, as they have restrictions to their use. Square Edge panels should be limited to use in optimal situations where the temperature never varies and the subfloor is in excellent condition. 

Square Edge panels are used as a low cost starting point for limited training purposes and for special projects that require unusual construction. Most consumers find that the extra cost of the Double-Locking DoveTail™ or Spline panel is less than the cost of a modified subfloor and environmental control system. Theatrical Ramps, Snowboarding Rails and Boxes are some non-skating and unique projects that have great success in utilizing Square Edge panels. 

EZ Glide 350® Square Edge panels measure 53.5 inches x 95.5 inches (1.358 meters x 2.425 meters). 

EZ Glide NC™ Square Edge panels measure 60 inches x 96 inches (1.524 meters x 2.438 meters).

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