EZ Glide 500

Delivering Unequaled Performance

After years of testing, re-formulating and searching for the right combination of materials that would produce a faster skating product, we are pleased to introduce the newest generation in synthetic ice – EZ Glide 500!

Exhaustive and careful research and development have culminated in a product that has all the same reliable and practical characteristics of the original EZ Glide 350…. with a skating performance that’s up to 30% faster! Designed with a beaded surface reduces the friction to the blades, resulting in a faster, longer glide and fewer blade sharpenings.

All EZ Glide 500 synthetic skating surfaces are totally UV stable making them an ideal option for indoor or outdoor use. They are weather and warp resistant; an essential property unique to EZ Glide synthetic ice panels.

Side-by-side tests were conducted comparing EZ Glide 500 with the other synthetic ice products available worldwide today. The glide performance was mechanically tested as well as blind field-tested with live skating subjects.

In each test EZ Glide 500 unanimously proved to out-perform all other synthetic ice products. The immediate response through all phases of testing was overwhelmingly positive. Significantly faster speeds were easily accomplished and maintained. Skaters also reported a more realistic skating feel, comfort level and blade security not found with other synthetic ice products.

Months of extensive testing have only increased our excitement and confidence in EZ Glide 500 synthetic ice and we know you’ll love it too!

The EZ Glide 500 panels are comprised of the same material throughout making them reversible and giving you years of skating enjoyment per side.  The EZ Glide 500 material is only available in the DL DoveTail in 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch thicknesses.

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