EZ Glide NC™ Synthetic Ice

No longer necessary to train in tennis shoes, now you can practice in your own skates, on your own time on your own terms. Make no mistake, there is no match for EZ Glide synthetic ice, and it’s available for smaller applications to suit any household budget!

Engineered specifically for light-duty, low intensity hockey applications, the EZ Glide NC™ panel is the perfect solution for home studio puck drills, shooting drills and stickhandling practice. EZ Glide NC synthetic ice is a double-sided, noncommercial-grade material with a light-weight center core. Though less dense, EZ Glide NC offers the same outstanding surface as the EZ Glide 350® synthetic ice panel, allowing the skater the ultimate ease of movement and control.

EZ Glide NC is totally UV stable and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. EZ Glide NC synthetic ice is the most economical choice available and perfect for projects that do not justify the cost of the EZ Glide 350.

EZ Glide NC panels are available in the Square Edge style for indoor use and measure 60 inches x 96 inches (1.524 meters x 2.438 meters). EZ Glide NC synthetic ice is also available in the popular Double-Locking (DL) DoveTail™ style measuring 46 inches x 91 inches (1.168 meters x 2.311 meters). Both Square Edge and DL DoveTail style NC panels are available in the 3/8 inch thickness. Lightweight, yet durable, these panels come with a 5 year limited warranty.

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