Consulting and Services

Do It Yourself / Consulting Services

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC offers a variety of individual components for rental, allowing the customer to have complete control and thus reducing the cost. The majority of our customers choose to handle all installation and operation services as this is the most economical of the options. Our Rental Department can provide a wide variety of accessory items for your project, as well as make alternative suggestions that will significantly cut the bottom line. We are happy to supply you with extensive documentation regarding operational procedures as well as many other important items so that you are well prepared for a successful event. Our creative team will have numerous ideas that are tried and true and will add a personal touch at a fraction of the cost. 

Professional Skaters and Instructors

Upon request, we can provide professional skaters who have proven time and again to add an atmosphere of elegance and excitement to any event. Your options range from an individual skater for opening festivities to a fully choreographed theatrical production. We have teamed up with some of the most well-respected ice show and entertainment producers in the industry to provide spectacular entertainment at a fraction of the cost. Check out this article from an event with Rand Productions.

If ice skating instructors are desired, we have a team of professional instructors that can handle any student from the youngest beginner skater to the most advanced. Group and private lessons are available in both figure and hockey skating.

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