Theatrical Ice Shows

Gone are the days of struggling to do more than just dance your way through a skating program on a synthetic ice floor. EZ Glide has completely changed the landscape of theatrical show skating on synthetic ice. Any maneuver performed on refrigerated ice can be executed on EZ Glide with ease. Skaters are now totally free to be creative and show off their finest skills previously reserved strictly for refrigerated ice! There’s no need to consider whether you’ll be able to perform that double or triple, adagio skating or ice dancing, because if you can execute it on ice, you can perform it on EZ Glide! 

Not only does EZ Glide assist and benefit the performer, it also gives numerous advantages to the producer and choreographer as well. Extreme mobility, quick set-up and virtually no overhead costs for maintenance are just a few of these advantages! Don’t hesitate to join in on the success shared by the top names in entertainment. Producers around the world are choosing EZ Glide Synthetic Ice for their venues even though refrigerated ice may be an option. Monetary savings are enormous due to quick and easy installation and breakdown times, smaller crews, fewer travel trailers, less specialized equipment, no power requirements and quicker venue-to-venue time. The size of the skating surface can increase or decrease depending on the parameters of each location, greatly improving booking options. Additionally, the EZ Glide floor can be installed to fit any shape or size stage. The unique design of the Double-Locking DoveTail™ panel allows for a variety of connection options around the perimeter of each panel, maximizing unusually shaped floors and custom staging possibilities. 

Choreographers and directors are finding EZ Glide Synthetic Ice to be far more versatile than ice. From a visual standpoint, the audience does not realize the performer is skating on synthetic ice. Any skill, jump or spin can be performed on EZ Glide 350, including pairs/adagio and ice dancing. Many classical dance techniques that are not suitable for refrigerated ice are performed with ease on EZ Glide due to the slight increase in resistance to the blades. EZ Glide provides just what is needed to blend the artistry of dancing and skating, allowing for a well-rounded, entertaining performance. 

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC is owned by the Durham family, who has been involved in many genres of the theatrical industry since the 1960’s, including ice skating productions. This involvement includes productions with world renowned performers for television, movies, and shows in Las Vegas, South Africa, Australia and Japan. The Durhams’ are also performers as well as owners and producers and have choreographed hundreds of shows for various productions and events. 

Carrying on the Durham family tradition, Ice Rink Engineering has a fully staffed Theatrical Department that offers professional figure skaters that will add a touch of class and elegance to any production or special event. If your plans require a full-scale ice show, a single skater exhibition or a Christmas float, our Theatrical Department will be happy to share their expertise with you. With the help of our experienced choreographers, directors and producers, we can take an otherwise basic ice skating project and turn it into a memorable affair for all to enjoy. Our Theatrical Department consists of entertainers who have toured the world not only with ice skating productions like Disney On Ice but circus shows, dance productions, movies, musical theater productions, and magic spectacles such as Siegfried and Roy. The experience of our staff is extensive and on-going, and we welcome the opportunity to create a unique and special occasion for you and your guests.

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