Jimmy Crockett – World Professional Champion

My name is Jimmy Crockett and I work for the Greenville County Recreation District. I am a former World Professional Figure Skating Champion and have skated all over the world and on many different skating surfaces. Never before have I see such an incredible product as the EZ Glide 350 surface. I have also skated a couple of times on plastic ice, but after two minutes your skates would need re-sharpening. With EZ glide 350 you can skate for hours. I highly recommend this fantastic product.

Darrel Elver – Wise Athletic Development Academy, Inc

Well it has been over 3 years now since we first installed your products in our facility in London Ontario. I am happy to say the ice surface has stood up very well and more and more clients are accepting and actually looking forward to training on our ice as they see firsthand the improvements in the their performance. 

Scott W.
Darrel Elver

Scott W. – NHL Hockey Player

As a professional hockey player for the past 15 years, I’ve been training and skating my whole career. Two years ago I put EZ Glide 350 in my basement and it drastically increased my quickness, stick handling, and shot. I also used it with my children; son, 7, with his skill development, and daughter, 5, learning to skate. It helped them both tremendously and created a lot of family fun! 

Scott W.
NHL Hockey Player

Carly D. – Professional Figure Skater

Skating on EZ Glide 350 was a great experience for me. Initially I was apprehensive because I had never skated on a plastic surface before. Within one hour I was able to do everything I could on a regular ice surface. EZ Glide 350 helped me improve the basic foundations of my skating skills. It forces you to bend your knees with each stroke to get the maximum amount of glide on each push. I enjoyed skating on the EZ Glide and I would love to work on it again in the near future. 

Carly D. 
Professional Figure Skater

Lisa – Synthetic Ice Rink for Kids

Hi Margaret, 

I love the product and I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect. My kids are having a blast on it. Product has performed great – no issues. Your service was great too and Kathy Houston catered to my every need and showed great patience with all my questions. Class act. 

Wausau, WI

Jim – Practice Ice in Garage


The EZGlide 350 I purchased from your company is OUTSTANDING!!!! My son has been making great strides in the goal-tending position with nightly practices now at our home rather than the once a week offered at the ice-rink. If I were to travel to the rink everyday (provided ice-time would even be available) I’d be spending $20.00 just for the ice-time, not to mention the cost of a private coach ($40.00 per 1/2 hour). It has absolutely been one of the better investments in my son’s hockey development I have made. Joel’s friends seem to think it is “really cool” that he has an ice-rink at his house. I have attached some photos for you. Thanks so much, and when we purchase a larger home in the next year expect another 10 panel order. 

Jacksonville, FL

Heidi Aiken – Beach Ball 2009 Event Coordinator

Hi Tami and Jimmy.

In a note long overdue, I want to let you know how many incredible memories you have created for me, my family and our guests! Your hard work was so evident in every aspect of the show. You did what many people likely would have passed on, and you delivered a first-class production! Your attention to the smallest detail, and your direction of Rink construction, cast and crew was flawless. This is one event that folks will long be talking about, thanks to you. Margaret, Ridley, and Helen were all a joy to work with and share the evening with. 

Heidi Aiken
Beach Ball 2009 Event Coordinator
Greenville, SC

Lauren – Clemson University

CU on ICE 2008 was the largest event CLEMSONLiVE has sponsored. I got more positive feedback from Clemson students and staff than any other event I have planned. The event provided a unique and healthy way for students to relax and take a break from studying for exams. Also, during such difficult times that our University and economy is facing, it was a encouraging to see everyone come together to have fun on the ice! 

Clemson University
Clemson, SC

John – Practice Ice in Garage

I spent months researching and decided on your product so hats off to your company. 

My son ABSOLUTELY loves it ! Can you imagine for your 12th birthday getting practice ice in your garage? 

Product is great, exactly as advertised. It appears to be about 10% more difficult than real ice. The enhancer is awesome, I almost break an ankle on it, its that slick! 

I will be buying more 

Sloan Cheves – Uses EZ Glide 350 for a Church Festival

Dear Tami, 

On behalf of the PTO Committee of First Presbyterian Academy I would like to greatly express our appreciation for the use of the amazing ice rink EZ GLIDE 350 provided for our Fall Festival! The children loved it and there was an overwhelming response not only from our parents and teachers, but also from people in our community. Your company addressed our need to provide for both preschool and elementary aged children. Having the sleigh to push the younger children who were unable to skate by themselves delighted so many little hearts. The fact that parents were able to participate and interact with their children on the rink helped contribute to the great success it was. Parents continue to rave about it even today! 

Being behind the scenes was interesting to see how professional your workers were and how quickly they assembled and removed the rink in order to meet the needs of the shared space we were working with. Thank you again for all that you have done. We hope the ice rink will become a tradition for our school. You really helped turn a rainy day Fall Festival into a spectacular event! 


Sloan Cheves
Preschool PTO President

Cannon Memorial Hospital – Pickens, SC.

Dear Jimmy, Tami, Staff and Crew at Ice Rink Engineering: 

Cannon Memorial Hospital made a commitment to participate in our city’s annual Christmas parade. We didn’t know what we would do, but being prominent in the community, we were convinced whatever we did had to be tasteful, professional and something our community could be proud of. 

We spent many meetings going over numerous ideas, but the one that kept surfacing that everyone loved was ice skating on a Christmas float in a winter wonderland setting. As a professional skater, now a nurse, I was the only one of the staff members that knew anything about skating or how we were going to pull this off, so we did a little research and discovered that Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing just happened to be located in our own backyard. We decided to contact you and see if you could offer any suggestions or guidance to help us create an eye-catching float in the parade. 

We not only got what we were looking for, but so much more! It was clear from the start you had done this many times before. You provided us with a synthetic ice skating surface to place on the float, along with decorations and music to play during the parade. Every detail was planned out, including snow machines, which turned out to be a real treat for the kids, since we do not often see snow in South Carolina. You even choreographed my skating for periodic stops along the parade route. Your duties didn’t end there. You provided the necessary generators and equipment to run the snow machines, lit Christmas trees and decorations. You helped us build the float and create the “winter wonderland” atmosphere, along with preparing the “ice” surface, rehearsing my routine, and you even rode on the float during the parade to make sure all went smoothly. 

In the end, we had a float we were all very proud of. We even won three of the five awards the parade gives out to the participants! We cannot thank you enough. You went above and beyond, and created a very successful parade entry that really was a vision of Christmas. The only problem we are faced with now is how will we ever top it next year?! 

Thank you, again, and Happy Holidays! 

The Staff at Cannon Memorial Hospital

Van Broad – City of Fountain Inn, Economic Development/ Civic Center Director

“What an incredible journey it has been working with you in putting together the most successful Christmas Festival our Town has seen. The enthusiasm for our outdoor ice skating venue, which was made possible by Ice Rink Engineering, was exactly what we needed to give our festival a shot in the arm. The expertise and guidance you gave made putting it all together enjoyable and much easier than had we had to go it alone. The professional ice skaters and choreographed show was an incredible hit and one our community is still talking about after several months. EZ Glide 350 is a great alternative for any town or home who can’t afford the expense of an ice rink and wants to have a venue usable throughout the year. The up-keep and work to maintain our surface through the holidays was very easy and one I was able to do myself. 

More than all the success we experienced, which was enough in itself, was the way in which you guys went above and beyond in making sure our program and season was a success. The extra time and materials you provided were an example of what makes a company like yours worth working with. I look forward to other ventures we will have together and wish you lots of success as you enrich the lives of others through your product. 

A special thanks to Tami, for her work in producing and directing the professional ice show for our community during and after the Fountain Inn Christmas Parade. Wow!” 

Van Broad
City of Fountain Inn
Economic Development / Civic Center Director

Brian McKinney – Total Hockey Training Systems

“EZ Glide 350 is an excellent product and Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing always gives great service. We have used EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice for the last five years in our training centers. The product is used for one of our patented training devices and gets “abused” daily – it is a great product. Being far superior than any other comparative products in all aspects, we exclusively recommend only EZ Glide 350 to those interested in a synthetic ice purchase. 

Because we feel the EZ Glide 350 product has the best glide, we continue to use EZ Glide 350 in high-traffic skating situations – most skaters adapt to it immediately and we see no weaknesses in the product. For a rink situation, the product would last forever, in my opinion. We install our rinks indoors, but see no reason why outdoors would be any different. For the most part we install them permanently, although we have had a few installs where we have put it up and taken it down five to six times…it’s really easy to do. 

You will find that Jimmy and his company will do whatever you need to have a successful installation. They are always ready to help with questions and get your product out the door as soon as you need it. We would and do use EZ Glide 350 every time.” 

Brian McKinney
Total Hockey Training Systems

Kelly – Parent / Homeowner, Charleston, WV

“Recently my child’s Geometry teacher required him to design his dream home. I laughed when his design included a practice hockey rink. How was he going to figure out the total cost for that little project? Little did I know, he had recently read about synthetic ice rinks in a magazine. A synthetic ice floor could actually make his practice rink possible. We started our research by e-mailing several companies that specialized in synthetic ice products. EZ Glide 350 was the first and only company to respond. They treated my son’s project as they would any real customer. Their representative was both professional and knowledgeable. In the end we learned that EZ Glide 350 was both affordable and simple to install. It may just be a matter of time before one of his classmates actually puts EZ Glide 350 in their own basement. Thank you to the team of EZ Glide 350.If a company is that caring about a pretend project, one can only imagine how they treat the real thing.” 

Parent / Homeowner
Charleston, WV

Jaci – Professional Figure Skater

“I first heard about EZ Glide 350 from Jimmy and Tami Durham while out practicing at a local ice skating facility. At that point I had been skating on refrigerated ice for over eight years, and when they started telling me about EZ Glide 350 and how synthetic ice was an easy switch from refrigerated ice, I was eager to try it out for myself! Jimmy and Tami extended an invitation for me to join them a few days later at their Greenville, SC office where they had an EZ Glide 350 surface already set up. 

I started practicing there regularly with Tami coaching me and quickly achieved my goal of becoming a professional skater. Because of Tami’s skilled direction and EZ Glide 350’s incredible skating surface, I became more powerful, a better jumper and an all around better skater. After only a few minutes, I was gliding, spinning and jumping, just like I did on refrigerated ice! Working with Jimmy and Tami also allowed me the opportunity and capability to perform at shows with them and participate in many other productions. I can’t say enough about the EZ Glide 350 product and continue to benefit from my experience with it.” 

Professional Figure Skater

Andrew – EZ Glide 350 Customer in Brooklyn

Your companies product is excellent and is providing the family with endless fun and opportunity to practice the art of skating in the extremely uncooperative environment of the Northeast. 

Brooklyn, New York

Chris Olson – Westcoast Elite Hockey Academy

“We have just finished our second half programs for the Winter Hockey Season and WOW! is all we can say. The ice surface is holding up well and we are very pleased with what we can do with it. We just finished programs for Power Skating, Goaltender Development, Shooting, Stickhandling, Deflections, Face Off Camps, and every program we offered was full. The interest in the skating surface continues to create a lot of interest here on the Island. We have people traveling 3 to 4 hours to come train with us and are excited about the surface. 

As a result we will be looking into about another 27 to 30 sheets come about June this year giving us a surface about 38 feet x 50 feet. Thanks again and continued success for you as well.” 

Chris Olson
Westcoast Elite Hockey Academy
Courtenay, BC Canada

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